Pocket Stylist helps men build a solid foundation in style, ultimately helping them dress better. If you need help with:

  •  Dressing for your body
  •  What you actually need in your wardrobe
  •  Looking stylish without trying too hard
  •  Putting outfits together

... you've come to the right spot!

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Style Me

Whether you’re based in San Francisco or abroad, Supreet can help. Let’s chat about your lifestyle and create a style and wardrobe that works for you.


Supreet Chahal is a menswear stylist based out of San Francisco, CA. She works with everyone from new grads to tech CEOs to help them develop a sense of style and create the wardrobe perfect for dating, work and play. She noticed there is a lot of information overload when it comes to men’s fashion and wanted to create a one-stop resource for practical style advice for the modern man. Join Supreet as she brings her 1:1 “teach a man to fish” approach to Pocket Stylist and helps men everywhere dress with confidence.