As a stylist, I hear the same questions and concerns from my clients all the time:

  • What should I add into my wardrobe?
  • What pieces should I invest in?
  • Where do I begin?

Guess what? I have the answers and want to share them with you! The blog is here to give you bite size chunks of tips and tricks to start creating your drean wardrobe, making upgrades and help you on your road to becoming a more stylish you! Have a burning question you want answered? Don't hesistate to reach out.

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Recent Posts

Why You Should Have Dressy Sneakers

Style Upgrades

February 22 2019

It's time to swap out your running shoes for a pair that's equally comfortable, but 100x better looking.

How To Wear Burgundy Pants

Style Upgrades

January 30 2019

So, you have your basic pair of blue, black and grey jeans... what's next? Dive into the wonderful world or burgundy pants! Here's a 101 on how to wear them.

The Perfect Smart Casual Starter Wardrobe

Starting from Scratch

January 15 2019

Ready to upgrade your style, but have no idea where to start? Check out this foolproof formula that will help you make targerted purchases for the perfect starter wardrobe.

A Case for Well-Fitted Pants

Style Upgrades

October 17 2018

Guys, the easiest style mistake you can correct is wear pants that fit well. Loose and long pants can throw off your look by making you look short and stumpy, while a well-fitted pair can make you look put togehter.

Men's Style Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram


September 26 2018

I love following style bloggers on Instagram for a daily dose of style inspiration. Here are my personal favorites that have their style game on point.

How to Add More Flair to Your Outfits

Style Upgrades

August 14 2018

Ever wonder how can you add a little more “flair” to your outfits? By “flair” I mean, when men have such limited pieces of clothing they can wear, how can you stand out of the crowd? Surprisingly, it’s the little details that can help you achieve a unique style.

Rain Friendly Footwear for Men

Weather Friendly

August 7 2018

It’s raining, it’s pouring… and you don’t have the right shoes to go outside. Sounds like a dilemma every guy has experienced before. I'm here to tell you to ditch the rubber boots and enter the wonderful world of waterproof shoes and boots!

6 Easy Clothing Upgrades To Get You Started

Style Upgrades

July 31 2018

I get this scenario A LOT: I’m a twenty/thirty-something year old guy. I live in a t-shirt, jeans, and running shoes. I know this doesn’t cut it. I want to look more put together. How do I look stylish without sacrificing comfort or my budget?

Guys, Let's Talk Sandals

Style Upgrades

July 24 2018

If I told you there’s such a thing as stylish sandals, would you believe me? Whether it’s summer or vacation, a lot of guys are stuck thinking they can’t show their feet. Or, what’s worse, they put on their out of date camping sandals and ruin a completely acceptable outfit.

Stylish Replacements for your Hoodie

Style Upgrades

July 16 2018

Oh, the hoodie... convenient, warm, and too easy to not pass up. Those are the pros, but what about the cons? It's such a bland choice. Let me introduce you to some layering options that will blow your style game out of the park.

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